Bush to face protests in U.K.

Hasan Suroor

LONDON: U.S. President George W. Bush will face calls to be tried for “war crimes” when he visits Britain next week .

Anti-war groups and leading figures from the world of arts and literature plan to demonstrate outside Downing Street and wave handcuffs as he drives in to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown. They will also deliver a petition to Downing Street denouncing Mr. Bush for invading Iraq and demanding that he be put on trial.

“George Bush should be in The Hague facing war crimes charges over the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in Iraq since 2003, not being entertained in Downing Street.

“Mr. Brown doesn’t need a policy brief for this meeting, just a pair of handcuffs,” Andrew Murray, chair of Stop the War Coalition told one newspaper.

Clare Short, former Minister who resigned over British support for Iraq invasion, criticised Mr. Brown for continuing to pursue his predecessor Tony Blair’s discredited pro-U.S. stance.

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