Anti-Taliban Mayor killed in Peshawar blast

Islamabad: At least a dozen people, including an anti-Taliban Mayor were killed and 36 others injured when a suicide bomber struck a busy market on the outskirts of Peshawar on Sunday, nearly two weeks after a massive car bombing in the city left 120 dead.

Abdul Malik, the Mayor who was spearheading efforts against the Taliban, his nephew, a young girl and the head of a “lashkar” or tribal militia were among the dead, said officials. Mr. Malik’s son was among the injured.

Police said Mr. Malik was the target of the attack at the cattle market in Mattani, a suburb of Peshawar. Mr. Malik, who survived at least five previous attempts, was once considered to be close to the Taliban but later turned against the militants.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

A man named Omar, who claimed to be the Taliban spokesman, told the media that Mr. Malik was targeted because he had formed the “lashkar” to take on the militants. Witnesses said the bomber, a youth between 22 and 24 years, detonated his explosives as soon as Malik emerged from his car. — PTI

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