Advance amid heavy resistance: Colombo

B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan forces on Tuesday claimed to have captured an LTTE ‘strong point’ Sinna Parathan in Kilinochchi district amid claims and counter claims of heavy casualties.

The Defence Ministry said troops, now engaged in counter offensives West of Paranthan, consolidated 300 metres further southwards along the LTTE built earthbund-cum-ditch and captured the point.

It said troops faced stiff resistance from the LTTE. .

“Intercepted terrorist communication has confirmed 12 LTTE deaths while many others were also injured during the clashes,” it said. It said intense fighting broke out as the troops continued their offensive operation to breach the LTTE built earthbund, “the final obstacle and resistance point,” a few km away from Kilinochchi.

“Following hours-long fighting reported in west of Paranthan, Iranamadu and Adampan area, troops have gained control over a 2km stretch breaking the LTTE’s earthbund in several locations. Troops continue their operation despite heavy resistance given by the terrorists,” it said.

The Ministry claimed that 42 Tiger cadre were killed and 55 wounded in confrontations at one place while 14 terrorists died and 33 sustained injuries at another. The pro-LTTE TamilNet in a report claimed that more than 100 soldiers were killed and at least 250 were wounded on Monday when the LTTE repulsed a fresh offensive.

It quoted S. Puleedevan, director of LTTE’s Peace Secretariat as saying heavy fighting raged when the troops attempted to advance from Uruththirapuram towards Kilinochchi and Ira’naimadu.

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