Adelaide Tambo mourned

JOHANNESBURG:The former President, Nelson Mandela, and President Thabo Mbeki led mourners on Saturday at the funeral of African National Congress stalwart Adelaide Tambo, paying tribute to her fight against apartheid. Mrs. Tambo, who died at her Johannesburg home on January 31 at the age of 77, was being buried next to her husband, Oliver, in the Tamboville Cemetery named in their honour. Oliver Tambo led the ANC in exile while Mr. Mandela was imprisoned. Like her husband, Mrs. Tambo, fondly known as Ma-Tambo or Mama Adelaide, was a lifelong political activist and widely regarded as a mother figure to anti-apartheid figures in exile, including Mr. Mbeki. ``She was a mother to the liberation movement in exile and a nationally revered figure in our new nation,'' a frail-looking Mandela said of his close friend, with whom he shared a birthday. AP