180 Congolese refugees killed

BUJUMBURA (Burundi): Dozens of unknown assailants attacked a U.N. refugee camp in western Burundi, shooting and hacking to death at least 150 Congolese refugees, witnesses and local officials said on Saturday. An additional 30 persons died in the hospital following the attack late on Friday on the refugee camp near the border with Congo, said a spokeswoman of the U.N. mission in Burundi. ``It is too early to identify the attackers,'' Ms. Abric told The Associated Press. The assailants raided the camp, screaming war cries and torching a refugee camp in Gatumba, 20 km from the Congolese border town of Uvira, a local official, told the AP. The camp sheltered Congolese ethnic Tutsi refugees, known as the Banyamulenge, who fled fighting in the country's troubled border province of South Kivu, he said.


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