12 killed in Ramadi blast

MANAMA, NOV. 29. Violence continued to rage in Iraq, with a car bomb killing at least 12 people outside a police station in Ramadi.

Ramadi, in Central Iraq is a short distance away from Fallujah, major resistance hub. At least 10 others were wounded in the attack.

The U.S. forces, in a bid to crush the resistance are still engaged in fighting in Fallujah, which they had invaded earlier.

Still under siege

The city still under siege three weeks after the offensive, Rana Sidani, spokeswoman of the International Committee of the Red Cross told the Associated Press.

Doctors in Ramadi said that 90 per cent of the casualties were policemen, who were queuing up to receive their salaries when the bomber struck. Iraqi guerillas have frequently attacked police and security forces, which are seen as collaborators of U.S.-led forces occupying Iraq.

Iraqi fighters have also been active in other parts of the country. Three U.S. soldiers were killed on Sunday and two others on Friday in the western Iraqi province of Al-Anbar, of which Ramadi is a part. U.S. forces patrolling the northern city of Mosul also recovered 17 bodies on Friday, mostly of Iraqi security forces. Nearly 57 bodies, predominantly of Iraqi servicemen have been recovered in Mosul since November 19. Mosul has a large Sunni and Kurdish population spread across the two banks of the river Tigris, which passes through the city. U.S. forces for more than a week are battling Iraqi guerillas in the strife-torn city.

In related developments, Al Jazeera television reported that five Iraqis were killed and four others injured when a car bomb targeting a U.S. military convoy exploded in Samarra city north of Baghdad. A woman and a child are among the injured, police sources said.

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