The Chacha Nehru we hardly know!

Only a handful of men impact the course of history. Of that, only a very few people transform the world for the better. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was one such great man. He led a nation of a million people out of its colonial miseries and gave them all the courage to move forward. A central figure in our freedom struggle, he has shaped Indian politics like no other. In fact, he laid the foundation of the India on which we all stand today, strong and tall. He turned the cultural, linguistic and religious differences of a nation to its greatest strength. His economic, social and educational reforms took this vast nation and its people out of poverty and ignorance. Moreover, his policy of non-alignment scripted India’s international policy which is very much in effect even today. To number his achievements, it is an impossible task. Today, let us look at the Chacha Nehru we all hardly know.

An agnostic atheist

The first Prime Minister of the country which gave birth to several prominent religions, was an agnostic atheist. Pandit Nehru was an atheist who believed that the existence of a god or deity is unknown and cannot be known.

Joe Nehru

Nehru was known by many names but for his friends, at Harrow school, he was simply Joe. Well, his friends might have found it hard to pronounce ‘Jawaharlal Nehru’.

Member of the Theosophical Society

Nehru became a member of the Theosophical Society at the age of thirteen. His intellectual expertise could be attributed to this fact. He also greatly admired theosophist, Annie Besant.

Gandhi and Nehru went to the same Inns of Court

Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru trained in law at the same Inns of Court - Inner Temple, London. Prior to that, Nehru attended Trinity College, Cambridge.

The peculiar case with Nobel Peace Prize

Like his political guru, Gandhi, Nehru was also nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, Nehru was nominated a staggering 11 times but was never awarded.

Math fear

Joe Nehru who excelled and mastered everything was strangely afraid of one thing. Mathematics was the boy’s biggest nightmare. In fact, he requested to study botany instead of math when he was completing his law degree.

Nehru was one of the greatest visionaries the world has ever seen. He was the driving force and the man behind transforming a colonial nation to a global superpower. History is written by great men like him and he wrote it beautifully.

By Deeksha