‘Nothing wrong in corporate funding’

There is nothing wrong in anti-corruption campaigns being funded by corporates, social activist and former Indian Police Service officer Kiran Bedi has said.

She was responding to a question posed at a press conference held here on Wednesday on the sidelines of Students for Palliative Care, a project of Alpha Pain Clinic, which provides free palliative care to patients.

‘‘Industrialists are not criminals. Corporates contribute to the GDP. They generate employment. Corporate funding for any good cause is totally acceptable provided it is transparent and properly accounted,’’ she said.

She said she expected the Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed this year.

‘‘The parliamentary select committee has cleared the Bill. The Union Cabinet should consider the Bill and the committee’s recommendations. Once the Bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha, it will be taken to the Lok Sabha for approval. A major demand of Anna Hazare’s movement had been to bring the Central Bureau of Investigation under the purview of the Lokpal. Things are now moving in the right direction,’’ she said.

She stated that strategies of Anna Hazare’s movement had changed.

‘‘The entire focus is now on getting the Jan Lokpal Bill cleared,’’ she added.

Death penalty

She said the death penalty should be given in rape cases that were extremely brutal.

‘‘The judicial process should be fast and punishment severe. Why are atrocities against women on the rise? The seeds of the problem lie in the way boys and girls are brought up in our country. There should be a change of attitude. It should begin at home and schools,’’ she added.

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