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CENTA’s Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad TPO 2017 will be held on December 9, 2017, with test centres in 28 cities across India as well as a centre in Dubai

Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) aims to recognize and celebrate teaching excellence, and catalyze teacher professional development, through its CENTA Certificates. The Certificates aspire to connect outstanding teachers to great opportunities. As a first step towards its Certificates, CENTA annually organises Teaching Professional Olympiad (TPO), which is a national competition to reward, recognize and celebrate teachers.

· What is TPO: CENTA Teaching Professionals' Olympiad (TPO) is an objective, multiple choice test. It has 14 subject tracks (Primary; Middle School and High School) and 3 Challenger tracks (Middle School- English, Mathematics and Science). CENTA TPO Primary Track is also available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

· Who is it for: The TPO is intended for teaching professionals as well as others interested in teaching (including those not teaching currently). Therefore, teachers, fellows, volunteers, B.Ed students, supplemental teachers, mid-career professionals aspiring to join teaching and others are welcome to participate.

· Why take the TPO: Get National-level recognition, win exciting prizes and take charge of your professional development!

Winners of the CENTA TPO get the opportunity to win 100 Cash awards (including INR 1 Lakh for National and Challenger Winners), attend a fully-paid 2 week training at the Oxford University, participate in the Global Skills and Education Forum, Dubai, get profiled in The Hindu group of publications, co-author a book on teaching practices, win Tablets and more….

Every teacher who participates in CENTA TPO 2017 gets a detailed confidential performance report which enables participants to take ownership of their professional development. The school (or institute or organization) with maximum winners also gets recognized along winning teachers, through a prize and TPO Certificate.

CENTA’s Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad TPO 2017 will be held on December 9, 2017 (Saturday), with test centres in 28 cities across India as well as a centre in Dubai.

About the Olympiad

Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) is a two-year-old education company, which has got off to an impressive start, with a large-scale launch and amazing response from stakeholders, especially teachers. CENTA aims to empower teachers and catalyse teacher professional development through its CENTA Certificates that will connect outstanding teachers to great opportunities and therefore create a career pathway and tangible motivation for the broader teaching profession. This is not a training or professional development program, but an objective and practical assessment of competencies leading to Certificates of different levels. Through the catalytic effect of this – i.e. schools using the Certificate as a signal of quality for their recruiting, promotions, etc.; certified teachers getting tangible opportunities; a larger population of teachers getting motivation to build competencies; high quality teacher training entities seeing demand for their services… – CENTA aims to play a fundamental role in the quality of education in India. Set up as a private limited, CENTA operates with the mindset of both a social enterprise focused on impact and a professionally run company.

CENTA has also been recognized in several national and international forums, such as global Alliance of ten organizations working on the topic of Teachers, with the others being Harvard GSE, NIE Singapore, transnational associations from Europe and Africa, etc. The CENTA Standards have received very positive response from several stakeholders

Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO) is a first-of-its-kind national competition to reward, recognize and celebrate teachers and also the first step towards the CENTA Certificates. TPO is based on the Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) Standards, a set of well-defined competencies for teachers. TPO covers a subset of the CENTA Standards and interested candidates can go through the practical assessment post the TPO to attain the CENTA Certificates.

TPO is a two-hour objective multiple-choice test, including practical competencies of teaching in an innovative manner, through situation responses. TPO is a computer-based test. The interface is simple and easily navigable by the teachers.

We have also introduced TPO Challenger in 2016. TPO Challenger is an in-depth test of subject expertise as well as classroom practice in the context of the particular subject, and is additional testing to the TPO. It is meant for teachers who are passionate about their subject and is designed to challenge the test taker.

We have had an overwhelming response for this initiative, with over 15000 teachers from 1000+ schools across India now part of growing TPO community. This kind of response motivates us to continue making this initiative truly valuable and one-of-its-kind for teachers.


  • Held in 7 cities across India in its very first year 2015 and 23 cities across India in its second year 2016, TPO has grown rapidly. More than 6000 teachers have participated in TPO and more than 15000 teachers have expressed interest

  • Participants for TPO 2016 came from 500+ cities/towns/villages and 26 States, travelling to one of the 23 cities or test centres where TPO 2016 was held

  • TPO 2017 has The Hindu as its media partner

  • Several other leading entities, both commercial and philanthropic, have supported TPO 2015 and 2016; e.g. HCL, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Varkey Foundation, Central Square Foundation and HDFC/HT Parekh Foundation.

  • Winners can look forward to 2-week training at the Oxford University, opportunity to co-author a book on teaching practices, opportunity to attend the Global Skills and Education Forum, Dubai, profiling in The Hindu group of publications, more than 100 cash awards including four of Rs. 1 lakh each, and so on.

  • 6 different State Governments actively supported TPO 2016 and encouraged their teachers to participate, communicating through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and physical letters.

  • More than 1000 schools across the country are represented in TPO; several schools have supported participants with transport, declaration of holiday, etc.; several schools have also recognized winners with felicitation, prizes from school management and in some cases salary increases and promotions.

  • TPO 2017 is going to be held in 28 cities across India as well as an international centre in Dubai with 14 subject tracks and 3 Challenger tracks in 4 languages: Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

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