Six reasons to be serious about your hobby

Whether you are a musician, painter or an athlete, here are some facts to show why our creative side is important.

1.Many athletes do better academically because sport fosters discipline, efficiency and perseverance. Some sports help improve memory.

2.Music makes you happier. Research proves that when you listen to music of your choice, your brain releases dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter.

3.Several breakthroughs have been inspired by art: Einstein’s theory of relativity is also his tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach, and Palladino’s class on calligraphy changed Apple forever.

4.Artistic creations improve problem solving abilities since they answer questions such as:

How do I turn this clay into a sculpture?

How do I portray a particular emotion through dance?

5.Even if you are not into acting, the next time you watch a movie or a play, pay attention. Theatre and the performing arts are known to improve emotional intelligence that makes us better at business strategies.

6.We have several examples to prove that intelligences are interconnected. Helen Beatrix Potter was a famous naturalist, conservationist, writer and illustrator. Samuel Morse, inventor of the Morse code and telegraph, was a painter. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe studied and wrote on the subjects of geology, anatomy, botany, colour theory and meteorology.

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