Out of sci-fi and into reality?

Science fiction is a captivating genre. It allows us to imagine the future, transporting us into the realm of utopia, where there is no limit to imagination. Here are some popular films showcasing technology thatmight seem fantastic, but could some day become a reality…

IRONMAN (2008)

Sci-fi: Tony Stark, the wealthy, arrogant heir of Stark Industries, has to give a weapons presentation to an Iraqi army unit. Riding through enemy lines, he is attacked and held captive. He survives but with shrapnel in his chest and a car battery attached to his heart. He soon discovers that the battery can be used to power an armored suit which can help him escape. And the invincible Iron Man’s suit was devised.

Reality: Talking about the suit becoming a reality, Swiss aviation enthusiast Yves Rossy aka ‘Jetman’ has experimented with wearable jet packs with carbon-fibre wings. So, it would not be a mere flight of fancy to expect an Iron Man type of suit some time in the future.

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