Multi-intelligence in students

Prof. Howard Gardner

Prof. Howard Gardner  

Is it why we get bored?

We know today that schools have the challenging task of addressing multiple intelligences. We get bored, not because we are poor scholars or because we don’t like the subject, but rather because the several intelligences we may possess are not always optimally addressed. Would you like to know what types of intelligence you have? Don’t be surprised if you find that you have more than one. According to Dr Howard Gardner, psychologist and professor of neuroscience, we have more than one intelligence in some degree or the other.

Answer the following questions:

1. How do you learn best?

a. Reading by myself b. Mindmap c. Through diagrams d. In the lab e. By finding patterns f. By the way words sound g. In a group.

2. What is your favourite hobby?

a. Solving puzzles b. Drawing c. Dance d. Rangoli e. Music f. Reading g. Team sports.

3. How would you like to learn your least favourite subject?

a. Through pictures b. Through a performance c. By looking for pairs of concepts d. By using rhyming words e. With a subject dictionary f. By making codes that are easy to remember g. Through discussion.

4. What would you like to create?

a. A lego building b. A formal garden c. A song d. A novel e. A computer graphics software f. A planetarium g. A start-up

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