Creating ‘trees’ for some fresh air

Can artificial ‘trees’ or devices that work as a carbon sink in absorbing CO2 solve the climate change problem?

Climate change is happening - right here, right now.

The rate at which foliage is disappearing is alarming.

It is high time we took drastic steps to secure the future, providing alternative measures to save the planet.

One such measure being mooted is growing of artificial trees.

By artificial trees, I do not mean the potted ones that we grow to adorn homes and work places.

An artificial tree is the concept of creating a device incorporating the ‘CO2 absorbing feature’ of a tree. It is nothing but a mechanised clone structure that can absorb CO2 and let out processed O2.

High pollution zones can be identified and these tree clones installed in these places. These will serve two pertinent purposes -- the CO2 in the air will get replaced by O2 in these zones. Secondly, the absorbed CO2 that gets stored in these structures can be used to feed algae or liquefied for any other purpose.

The idea is to ultimately make devices that are immobile like trees, stand on the ground and absorb CO2 and emit O2. But then nothing in this world comes free, except air, and, in this case, the very air that we take for granted, comes with a huge price tag. The biggest challenge at the moment is the cost involved in the making, installing and using of these trees.


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