Connect the dots

Trivia questions

1. What is the name of the object?

2. What is the reason for its shape?

3. How many octaves can it produce?

4. What famous painting serves as the backdrop to the activity?

5. What do we know about the painter?

6. When compared to the original, what is different in this version?


1. Harp; 2. The frequency of the vibration in the string (pitch) is set by the length of the string, the tension in the string, and the material it is made of. So to traverse several octaves, there are several lengths, levels of tension and materials; 3. 6 1/2 octaves! 4. Sistine Chapel: Creation of Adam; 5. Michelangelo was painter, sculptor, poet and architect; 6. The fingers are not aligned in this.

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