A boon for people with disability

A simple pattern of punched holes on paper led to the evolution of Braille, a language that has revolutionised the life of scores of people with visual impairment. Technology has helped them to look at life anew.

We see people using signs to communicate, but it is difficult to understand what they are trying to convey. The effort to comprehend this very sign language led to the development of sign genius, a special software for people with speech impairment. Technology has helped integrate them into society’s mainstream.

The development of prosthetics has ensured people with physical disability enjoy a vastly improved quality of life. It’s technology that has enabled this.

The famous theoretical physicist, mathematician and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, who has a motor neurone disease that has left him almost entirely paralysed, moves around in a wheelchair, and has an Intel computer to talk for him. Only technology could have helped him achieve this and the world too is therefore able to benefit from his vast knowledge.

Be it the latest ‘Be my eyes’ app that connects those with visual impairment with sighted helpers around the world through a live video connection, the DOT smartwatch for the visually impaired or the basic stick that works wonders, it’s technological advancements that have helped transform the lives of people with disability, providing them with the same quality of life that we as normal individuals enjoy.

Katyayani Jha, Std. XI

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