In the popular Bollywood film3 Idiots, the lead actor constantly emphasises the need to ignore social conventions and think outside the box. While memorising definitions given in textbooks might help one pass an exam, it does not stimulate the mind to do what it does best -- think. Thinking, alone, enables the flow of creative juices through one’s brain and this will contain valuable treasures; innovative ideas that can change the world.

The popular video gameGame Dev Story, available on Android and iPhone, has players take control of a small business. The player controls several aspects of the business and shows the journey of a business in a fun way.

The hit TV seriesSilicon Valleyrevolves around the lives of programmers who try to make it big in the world of programming. It revolves around their struggles to build and launch a revolutionary idea. Well scripted, and filled to the brim with jokes, this show is a must-watch.

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