7 things you didn't know about The Lord of the Rings films

Photo: Flickr/marvelousRoland

Photo: Flickr/marvelousRoland  


All but one of the actors who played the members of the Fellowship got tattoos of the word “nine” in Elvish script. Director Peter Jackson got a tattoo of the word “ten”.


Since the Hobbits are much shorter than Gandalf, Ian McKellen (Gandalf) was always closer to the camera, to trick the eye into thinking McKellen was much taller. Two sets of Bilbo Baggins's home were built: one full-sized to accommodate the Hobbits. The other, for Gandalf, was on a scale of 2:3 and included smaller versions of the books on the bookshelves.


Soon after the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring , was released, fans published screen captures and translations of Moria wall segments where the runes spelled "Made in New Zealand".


Hobbiton, where the Hobbits live, was constructed a year before production began, so that it would look “lived-in”. The production team maintained the length of the grass by having sheep eat it.


It took one year to finalize the design of the Hobbits’ feet. More than 1800 prosthetic feet were made for the four lead Hobbits alone, and each pair took nearly an hour and a half to be put on over the actors' real feet.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers , and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King were filmed side-by-side. The back-to-back shoot lasted 274 days spread over 16 months.


Since orcs have black blood, the insides of their mouths had to be black, not pink. To create this effect, the actors whp played orcs swilled a liquorice-based mouthwash before each scene.

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