14isbs extinct species


De-extinction, as the name suggests, is the revival of extinct species. Extinction of an array of species over centuries has affected the ecosystem drastically. The realisation of the consequences of our actions has made us turn to technology in an attempt to revive extinct species. In 2003, a team of Spanish and French scientists brought the Bucardo or Pyrenean Ibex back from extinction. They achieved the impossible by using cells of the last Bucardo, a female named Celia that passed away in the 1980s. They injected nuclei from the cells into goat eggs after removing the DNA. They tried this on 57 goats but only one gave birth. The experiment was partially successful as Celia’s clone died ten minutes after birth. Although this experiment did not yield the expected results, with further research and experiments, the future of de-extinction looks promising.

Malavika M. Krishna

Illustration by Priya

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