Young World Quiz (September 30, 2005)


THE PRIZE: For excellence.

THE PRIZE: For excellence.  

1. Name the winner of five Grand Slam singles and nine Grand Slam women's doubles titles who celebrates her 25th birthday today.

2. In optics, which simple device is used to refract light, reflect it or break it up?

3. What is the highest prize given at the Cannes Film Festival?

4. Which high-grossing, award-winning documentary film has the tagline "The Temperature where Freedom Burns"?

5. Name the former French colony that became the second country in the Americas, after the U.S., to declare its independence.

6. The creation of which religious book marked the beginning of the mass production of books in the West?

7. Expand NTSC as used in the U.S. television standard.

8. What is the common instrument for observation from a concealed position, usually found in submarines?

9. Which international organisation was founded after WW I at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919?

10. What is the term used for the shell and framework of the basic flotation-oriented part of a ship?

11. Name the inventor of the first practical pneumatic tyre whose name has become synonymous with tyres.

12. Where can one see the famous, original "Winged Victory of Samothrace" statue?

13. What is the "aspect ratio" of an image?

14. Name the record label founded by The Beatles in 1968.

15. What did the initial K stand for in Bharat Ratna K. Kamaraj's name?

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