Young World Quiz (December 2, 2005)


ALL SMILES: The new President of Sri Lanka. Photo: AP

ALL SMILES: The new President of Sri Lanka. Photo: AP  

1. Name the tennis player, originally an European but now an American citizen, and winner of nine Grand Slam singles titles in tennis, who turns 32 today.

2. Name the project of middle school students in the Tennessee city of Whitwell that led to a monument for the Holocaust victims in Nazi Germany.

3. Which place in Australia was called `Anthoonij van Diemenslandt' by the explorer who found it?

4. Which recently launched Microsoft product had the codename `Project Xenon'?

5. Sweden's Jan-Ove Waldner has been a World and Olympic champion in which sport?

6. Name the new President of Sri Lanka.

7. To which famous Novel Laureate is the quote "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new" attributed?

8. According to the tongue twister, which of the sheik's animal is unwell?

9. Which dynasty ruled Bijapur from 1490 to 1686?

10. What was the last word spoken by William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"?

11. How many books make up the Hebrew Bible?

12. Where is the HQ of the Southern Command of the Indian Army?

13. Which king gave the land on which the Harmandir Sahib has been built?

14. Who was the first Republican to be elected President of the United States?

15. Name the place in the Marshall Islands, where more than 20 nuclear bomb tests were conducted between 1946 and 1958.