Young poet makes her mark

COMPOSING GENIUS: Translating her ideas into poems.   | Photo Credit: Photo: H. Vibhu


She may be very young but composing poetry comes easy to her.

She looks unassuming, despite the fame she has chanced upon. Risha Ahmed, all of nine years of age, is a third-standard student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, who has written over 40 poems. She was the only child participant in the Indian Poetry Fest 2006, held in Bangalore.

Quick writer

Risha has the ability to spontaneously come up with poems. How else can one explain her poem on the recent Thattekad boat accident that took the lives of 13 children and three teachers? "Kerala is mourning and crying,You can hear everyone weep,Nobody's tears are drying,Sorrow in everyone's heart is deep.Some children had gone for a picnic,The young girl took hardly 15 minutes to jot down the lines, after the idea was suggested to her. "I do not write on tragedies," she said, initially hesitant. But she gave a try and came up with the above lines. Risha began writing poems when she was just seven years old. "I used to participate in the book-week competitions each year in our school. My participation in story writing and poetry writing gave me the much needed boost."She is in the process of writing a novel about a girl who dies and returns as a ghost, says her proud father Thufail Ahmed, a businessman. Risha gets poetry ideas from the stories she reads. "I have read the works of many poets and like rhyming poems. I want to be known as a poet as well as a novelist." A glance through a few of her poems show how talented the child is. Read her impressions about `Ex am Fever'."The floor was shaking under my feet, My heart was beating fast,I thought I would fall off my seat,I felt my head would blast." Risha is the winner of many spell-bee contests and has participated in the all Kerala Mathematics Scholarship test. Her loves include computer games, badminton, music and playing the piano. "Another of her favourite past times is picking fights with her elder sister Fiza, who too is studying in her school." Despite her affinity for writing, she is quite a child at heart, her mother, Meher, says. This is vindicated by her poem `Boys and Girls'. "A boy's mind works differently,And a girl's mind also works differently, T.G. Prasanna Kumari, who retired as English Professor from the NSS College, Vazhoor, Kottayam says,"I got in touch with Risha through the Internet, where we submit our poems. She writes very well using the rhymes scheme. Unlike many other poets she writes on quite a few topics, be it society, nature or relationships". Ms Kumari had attended the World Poetry Fest at Taiwan in 2005. Ms. Kumari helped Risha to publish her poems. Many of Risha's poems are available at > The Principal of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Maya Mohan, says that she is very proud of Risha. "She is highly creative and a rare find among child prodigies. Many of her poems have been put up on the school notice board. Her reading habit has helped her craft her poems well. She stands out as a bright, composed girl." Risha's poem, "Troublesome Creatures" speaks thus - "Buzzing around every night,From the ditches they take flight,Sucking blood from me and you,And other animals too.