World review 2002

1. Which English City hosted the Commonwealth Games?

2. Which American football team won Super Bowl XXXVI with a last-minute field goal?

World review 2002

3. Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture?

4. What is the name of the currency unit that was introduced in 12 European countries?

World review 2002

5. Which star of the films "10" and "Arthur" died in March?

6. Who was the Afghan leader who survived an assassination attempt in September?

World review 2002

7. What was the subtitle of the latest film in the "Star Wars" series?

8. Which country hosted the FIFA World Cup Final in July?

9. Which golfer won the U.S. Masters and U.S. Open?

10. Which Oscar-winning actor who starred in "In The Heat of the Night" died in July?

World review 2002

11. Which motor racing driver continued to rewrite the record books as he claimed another world title?

12. Troops from which African country occupied the Spanish territory Parsley Island in July?

13. Which singer and actress died in January at the age of 81?

14. Which country sensationally defeated reigning champions France in the first match of the FIFA World Cup?

15. Which Australian actor, best known for playing Horace Rumpole, died in July?

16. Which Sri Lankan spinner became the youngest cricketer to take 400 Test wickets?

17. In which country was Hugo Chavez returned to power two days after being ousted in a military coup?

18. Which South African golfer won the British Open at Muirfield?

19. Which American singer and actress posthumously topped the pop charts with "More Than a Woman"?

20. Which African country was suspended from the Commonwealth?

21. Who was the first cricketer to bowl a delivery at over 100 mph?

22. Which Australian tennis player won the men's singles title at Wimbledon?

23. From which country did the first overseas winner of the Crufts dog show come?

24. Which right-wing politician came second in the first round of the French presidential elections?

25. Which director, whose films included "Some Like it Hot", died in March at the age of 95?

26. Which French fashion designer announced his retirement at the age of 65?

27. Who was the former South African cricket captain who died in a plane crash?

28. Which Australian swimmer won six gold medals at the Commonwealth Games?

29. Who scored both Brazil's goals in the FIFA World Cup Final?

30. Which film won the first ever Oscar for Best Animated Feature?

31. Which German city hosted the European Athletics Championships?

1. Manchester; 2. New England Patriots; 3. A Beautiful Mind; 4. Euro; 5. Dudley Moore; 6. Hamid Karzai; 7. Attack of the Clones; 8. Japan; 9. Tiger Woods; 10. Rod Steiger; 11. Michael Schumacher; 12. Morocco; 13. Peggy Lee; 14. Senegal; 15. Leo Mckern; 16. Muttiah Muralitharan; 17. Venezuela; 18. Ernie Els; 19. Aaliyah; 20. Zimbabwe; 21. Shoaib Akhtar; 22. Lleyton Hewitt; 23. Norway; 24. Jean-Marie Le Pen; 25. Billy Wilder; 26. Yves Saint Laurent; 27. Hansie Cronje; 28. Ian Thorpe; 29. Ronaldo; 30. Shrek; 31. Munich.

The concept of the year planner published on December 28, is credited to P. Subramanian.

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