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Online diary: A public record of one's thoughts, feelings and activities.

Online diary: A public record of one's thoughts, feelings and activities.  

The American Merriam Webster Dictionary announced that the most looked up word in 2004 was "blog". This has been abbreviated from the word "weblog" and a blog is a person's online diary. It is a self-published, online collection of written work that is updated frequently, and is a public record of one's thought, feelings, activities, obsessions, and personal viewpoints. One of the world's first blogs was "Robot Wisdom", owned by Jorn Barger who also created the word "weblog".

Ivan Noble, a science and technology writer for the BBC was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in August 2002. Since then, he shared his experiences on a blog that helped many others who were also suffering from the same disease. Noble's blog was so popular that each entry in his blog attracted 7,000 to 12,000 visitors. Apart from writing about his fight against brain cancer, Noble also wrote in his blog about his marriage and the birth of a son.

Blogs have also proved to be powerful and important tools for quick communication. After the December 2004 tsunami, weblogs proved to be very helpful in providing accurate accounts of events. Survivors of the tsunami recorded their personal experiences of the disaster on their weblogs, and these accounts were very effective in painting an accurate picture of what actually happened in other parts of the world.

To start a blog, all you have to do is visit a popular bloggers website, and begin your own online diary. There are hundreds of sites for bloggers on the World Wide Web, and when selecting a website to create your personal blog, look for ones which other people of your own age are using. This way, you will be able to connect with people with similar ideas and interests. Make sure you treat other people with respect and sensitivity in your blog, and write about other people only if you have their permission. Never disclose any personal information. Some blogging sites issue passwords to their bloggers which means that only those who have your password (or those whom you permit) will be able to read your online diary entries.

Remember that blogs tell the world a lot about who you are, so write your blog in grammatically correct language, using the right spelling. Though a blog is an uncensored personal account, avoid controversial topics, and take care never to be rude or offensive. And who knows — if your blog proves to be interesting, humorous and entertaining, you may soon be a successful blogger with a large audience of loyal readers.

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