Water campaign


WATER, WATER: Can we conserve it? PHOTO: V. GANESAN

WATER, WATER: Can we conserve it? PHOTO: V. GANESAN  

For the past few weeks, the city has been witness to heavy downpour. What are we doing with all this freshwater? This December, students from across the city, headed by People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) are planning to meet for a dialogue addressing the theme, "Right to Water". There is a need to take responsibility in making sure that the water situation in the city is not exploited.

The campaign for the conservation and management of water will be launched on December 10. Students will undertake surveys of the water situation in the areas that they live in. They will also look at day-to-day solutions for efficiently using water. Other topics like water equity and water privatisation will also be looked at. There will be activities that will create awareness among students, such as screening of movies on water, group discussions and so on.

A student council consisting of interested school students will take charge of the campaign. For participation and further details call Samyuktha P.C (ph- 52020353) or Kamala Murali (52120511) or email: