Twin treat


Stories about the bunny, the ant, the parrot and more.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the illustration by Rosie Koithra that generously fill the page. So much so you are compelled to have a quick flip through before you get down to reading. The Lion Who Wanted To Sing and Bunny In Search Of A Name And Other Stories by Rachna Chhabria provide rib- tickling and thought-provoking tales. Written in a simple format of dialogue and conversations that are witty, and brief, the stories captivate the reader right from the word "go".There is a bunny on a quest to find a new name for himself as he hates his name "Bunny". The stories of Paru the parrot and a little ant and Casca the crow who turned literally blue are a lot like the stories from the Panchatantra. "Chaos in the jungle" is a hilarious story of how animals, envious of what the other animal has - for example, the snake is envious of the parrot's wings and the parrot is envious of the snake's hiss - have their wish granted with drastic and comic results. Of a baby jumbo who decides to go on a diet. "The promise" depicts a worm offering to sacrifice his life to keep a promise.All in all, the stories reflect on very human qualities and how problems can be overcome. As animals talk, the stories jell well with the readers. The Lion who wanted to sing and other stories, Bunny in search of a name and other stories; Rachna Chhabria; Unisun Publications; Special Indian Price: Rs. 125 each