Tribute to a teacher

Fred Sequeira: missed by the Cottonian family

Fred Sequeira: missed by the Cottonian family  

Fredrick Sequeira was the voice of the Bishop Cotton Junior School. He served the school for 20 years.

To his friends and colleagues he was a person who helped them through any situation. He was a vibrant versatile personality who showcased many a programme with �lan. His impeccable manners showed that he was a gentleman to the core. We miss him.

F.S. Vanitha

Mr. Sequiera, if you came to my class right now I would like to tell you that I just loved your Geography classes and the way you taught us different things in different subjects like how to find averages for the whole year and the way you urged us to make our own scrap books and told us to be creative and get our own ideas.

Sharan B., V H

He helped everyone in their work and kind and gentle too. He cracked jokes, which were very funny.

Sanjay R. Nayak, V G

If sir comes back right now, I will give him a big hug and will tell him how much I miss him.

Aditya S., V D

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