Trash to treasure

Have a bright idea for transforming waste into value? Read on.


THINK BEFORE YOU THROW: At the exhibition

THINK BEFORE YOU THROW: At the exhibition  

Although there is endless talk about reducing, recycling and reusing, most often garbage bins are overflowing with things that could have been put to better use. Students of Stds. VI to X of schools from the ECIL Zone made coasters made out of floppies, wall hangings from old CD's and decorative articles made out of ivy fluid bottles. Vaibhav Verma of the DAV school says, "In our school we take up one environment issue every month, be it making manure from garbage or water harvesting. This month we made eco-friendly Ganeshas out of mud and distributed them to our teachers. ."

Planet3, an environmental NGO based in Hyderabad has initiated a campaign called Idea 2 Reality. The first Zonal Idea Fair called "Trash to Treasure" sponsored by the State Bank of Hyderabad and Noble Energy Solar Technology Limited in association with CSIM (Centre for Social Initiative and Management) and Energy Conservation Mission (ECM) was held at the D.A.V. Public School, Safilguda. In an interactive session with the children T. Dharma Rao, vice-president ECM stressed the need to develop concern for the environment.

Students are invited to express ideas that can help conserve natural resources.

The best ideas will form an idea bank and these will be presented at the Idea Fair in June 2006 to the Government, corporates and NGOs.

More importantly think before you throw!

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