Thundering falls


Horsehoe-shaped falls: A beautiful sight.

Horsehoe-shaped falls: A beautiful sight.  

The great Indravati leaps down the horseshoe shaped cliff at Chattisgarh's Chitrakote Falls. The sheet of silvery water rushing down the cliff to its tryst with the pool of water down below enthrals the visitor. This sets up a thunderous noise and a turbulent pool where the surging water tries to break free. In the process, the clouds of mist rise to form the lovely rainbow.

A short boat-ride, can take the visitor across the river to the Parvati Gufa for a darshan.

Fisherman manoeuvre the boat near the falls to catch fish, (only for the brave). The view from the bottom of the falls is enchanting. Exploring the upper reaches of the river, needs caution as one false step could end in disaster.

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