Three is a crowd


Preeti was going to spend a few days with her grandfather. But then, what would she do about Arjun and Rosy?

Rohan and Sulekha were going trekking. Sulekha was very busy getting all the gear together. There were to be away for four days,Sulekha's seven year old daughter Preeti was sulking."Mummy, why can't I come with you?""No darling. You are too young. You cannot walk such long distances.""I shall feel lonely and bored at home.""I have a lovely idea. Why don't you ring up Grandpa and ask him if you can spend four days with him?""Oh! That would be great."Preeti rang up her Grandpa."Grandpa, it's me Preeti. Mummy and Daddy are going trekking for four days. Can I come and spend that time with you?""Yes, sure darling. I would love to have you. What is your favourite food?"I love chocolate cake.""Fine. You shall have a delicious chocolate cake."

More guests

Preeti packed up her clothes. Suddenly, she thought of something.Ring, ring."Hellp!""Grandpa, it's me Preeti again. Can I bring Arjun? He was doing cartwheels on the lawn. He fell down and he has a plaster on his knee. He won't be any trouble. He can stay with me?""What would he like to eat?""He loves jelly and ice-cream.""Fine. You can bring him along."Later the phone rang again."Grandpa, can I bring Rosy? She has a cold and I can't leave her alone. She loves banana sandwiches.""Well, you are going to be a crowd. Anyway bring her."Grandpa hurried off to the kitchen to get everything ready. After an hour or two all the eats were ready on the table.The doorbell rang and Grandpa rushed to open the door. Preeti was standing at the door clutching a couple of dolls, one with a plaster on its knee and the other with a scarf round its neck.