The value of positive emotions in our lives

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Positive emotions have a very important role to play in helping us lead fuller and more productive lives.

Daniel Goleman says, "Your emotions and how you deal with them will probably make you or break you in the adventure of life." Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence-why it can matter more than Intelligence published in 1995, caused people to take notice of the role that emotions play in our lives. Recently, the Lecole Chempaka Edavacode held a workshop on Emotional Intelligence conducted by Fr. M.A Joe Anthony, SJ, a Jesuit priest from Chennai.Fr. Joe has a Master's degree in Sociology and Journalism and also holds a degree in Psychology of Religion. His workshop on Emotional Intelligence is well appreciated in educational circles all over India .

Crisis point

According to Fr Joe, India, along with the rest of the world is facing a crisis. The children of today are highly intelligent but lack the emotional skills to channelise this intelligence into positive, productive energy. So, what we are left with, are children who are turning out to be very intelligent criminals who plan their crimes very systematically and precisely. So, unless we equip them with the skills to deal with their negative emotions, they too, will become victims of the coming crisis. Emotional Intelligence is a capacity to recognise our emotions and those of others. It is also the ability to handle our negative emotions in a healthy manner. To be a successful individual, one has to be able to handle the professional as well as the personal problems that crop up daily

Positive impact

Fr. Joe emphasizes that the positive emotion of `Joy' also needs a special mention because, amidst the crazy chaotic lives that we lead today, adults and children have forgotten to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like watching a sunrise, reading a good book, spending time with friends or listening to music. We have also excluded from our lives, the healing power of laughter, which is indeed, the best medicine. The advantages of teaching Emotional intelligence skills to children are many. It helps them reduce aggression and become more aware of their emotions and deal with negative emotions. The Principal, Dr. Daphne Gomez, says the theme for the school this year is `Make a Difference' and this workshop will enable school facilitators to be equipped with the tools to make a difference .