Teachwell Club

The Kochi-based Teachwell Club organised a seminar for teachers of St Peter's Senior Secondary School, Kadayirippu, on Developing 21st century skills in children and Project-based learning.

The secretary of the organisation, Krishnamani C. V, says that the aim is to evolve technology-aided lessons for students. "We help teachers in evolving a teaching plan for each lesson. They take off from knowledge to reach a higher order of thinking, using analysis, synthesis and evaluation," she said. "This value-addition is the need of the hour", she says.

Students need to learn skills like reasoning ability, language and communication, team and problem-solving skills and also update their information technology knowledge. Since future development takes place in classrooms, students need to know all these. In project-based learning, students are given a project like possible solutions to streamline traffic in the city. "They are expected to interact with stakeholders like traffic police officers, residents associations etc and have to come out with long-term solutions," says Ms Krishnamani.


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