Teaching Sen


Teaching Sen

Sushmita Sen loved to watch her teacher of political science, Sunita in New Delhi's Air Force Bal Bharati Public School as she entered the class.

"She used to wear a white chiffon sari neatly ," says Sushmita. Her dream of becoming a teacher like her came true! Not in real but in reel life! In "Main Hoon Na" she teaches chemistry to Shah Rukh Khan.

"I wore a chiffon sari And felt that I lived the role Mrs. Sunita somewhat," she says nostalgically.

Sushmita was good at academics too. "I always loved to speak good English and have a terrific vocabulary." She does still.

In the Air Force School, they had a special section for special persons with different kinds of disabilities. "As a part of the curriculum, we had to teach them what we learnt that day in the school. At the end of the day, we would feel great that we did a responsible job."