Spinning yarns


Waiting with anticipation...Soumya, Varinya and Karishma.

Waiting with anticipation...Soumya, Varinya and Karishma.  


The plot is based in Rome when Varenya, 14, alerts Marc Antony, saves Caesar and says phew!

"I have just saved Shakespeare from writing Julius Caesar, and thus the world."

As part of a tale — "Two minutes to save the world" Varenya's masterpiece was adjudged the best in the recently-held regional finals of the Classmate Young Author contest for students in Std. X — XII.

Ask the young author how she saved the world by her story, and pat comes the reply — "I don't like to read Shakespeare, and there are many of my breed. So, Julius Caesar had to be saved first."

Two others apart from her, — Soumya Jain (Neeraj Public School) and Karishma Pereira (Villamarie Jr. College) were also awarded for their creative work .

While Soumya's story was spun around a president at crossroads about a nuclear reactor, Karishma wove her yarn on a scientific experiment gone awry.

Altogether 400 spin-doctors participated in the competition, organised jointly by ITC and The Activity. Stories by the regional winners will be evaluated by a national jury, and based on individual scores the best author will be awarded free tickets to Paris.

The three await the final results with great anticipation. "It was a great opportunity to exhibit our talent, " says Karishma who has already started learning French .

"If I win the trip, I will see places like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum and Notre dame," says Soumya adding, "It will be a dream come true for me."

Going to Paris was never so easy — a tall tale and the trip is taken care of. "So I will just eat and have fun," says Varenya.