Speech is golden

TEACH THEM RIGHT: Right to clean language.   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: P.V. SIVAKUMAR


Here are some ways to overcome the use of foul language.

It is definitely not But worrying is not the solution; instead it needs a detail analysis to get rid of the problem.

For parents

First understand that children more often than not don't use bad words for the same reason as others. Most of them don't even know its meaning and could be using it innocently or just to show that they have grown up. One of the first steps is to deduct the source and cut the link with it. Television, films and domestic helps are some of the major sources from where they pick up these words. Make sure you screen the serials and the movies the children watch and if it is the domestic help, ask them to mind their language in front of the kids. But before telling others, do a self-check and see whether you unconsciously use derogatory language in front of them. Instead of screaming at them, try explaining the meaning of the word to them and how it can hurt someone's feeling. As for children, you want to get rid of the bad words you have got used to saying. To start with, it's important that you become more conscious about what you say every time. Try mentally noting down the circumstances under which you use these words more often. And the next time you get into that mood, be careful. Another easy way is to ask your friends and family members to interrupt you the moment you use derogatory words. Every time you use foul language make it a habit to say, "I'm sorry." Remember by using foul language you are not only showing yourself down, but also your family.