Sounds of success


Sounds of success


The annual competitions in classical dance and music for the award of Bal Pratibha (between 8 to 13 years), Kishore Pratibha (13 to 18 years) and Yuva Pratibha (18 to 25 years) have commenced and the first round of district level competitions have been completed. The divisional level rounds was held from September. 26 from where the winners will be heading for State-level competitions to be held in Bangalore.

Over 500 boys and girls from various schools and colleges participated. Children from 10 taluks in Belgaum district participated for Bal Pratibha and Kishore Pratibha competitions. These competitions, organised under the auspices of Kannada and Culture department, provide a necessary platform to the young talents studying in different schools and getting training under different music teachers.

Results for the first and second place:

Bal Prathibha: Carnatic Shastriya Sangeet — Mithul Johnson, S.Gurunath; Hindustani Instrumental — Aditya Mohite, Akash Pandit; Classical dance — S.Shrilaxmi, Sahana Hosamath; Sugam Sangeet — Pranav Latkar, Bharati Bhirangaddi; Drawing/Painting — Gomati U.Dhumali, Sourabh Vayachal; Folk songs — Mansi D.Telang, Ashwini Khanapur.

Kishore Pratibha: Carnatic classical music — Jyoti Bhat (first), Indira D.Patil (second); Hindustani Instrumental — Dhanshri Deshpande, Hrishikesh V.Patil; Classical dance — Pooja Hegde, Aditi Prabhu; Sugam Sangeet — Mansi Gokhale, Abhijit Kekkar; Drawing/Painting — Baswara Tervatti, Shreya C.Acharya; Folk Songs — Priyanka Kamble, Archana Kalyani.

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