Something for everyone


The campus is abuzz. No, it is not the Board exams or any other exam, but it is La Fest.

La Fest, for the benefit of those who might not be aware of it (hope there aren't many) is the Loyola Arts Festival, an initiative of "all" the Std. XI and XII students in the school, a cultural extravaganza started in 1996 and one which has steadily progressed to its present status as the most popular one in town.

La Fest aims at bringing the best talent in town to campus for a day. It is one of those events where the host school doesn't participate, but aims instead at being a platform for the best to showcase their talents. The festival is not just all about glitz and glamour but the events, which have been conceived over the years, aim at testing every facet of a personality. Undoubtedly, the biggest winners are the Loyolites, for whom it is a great learning experience, with regard to all the finer points that play a role in the management of such a mammoth event. Everybody gets a chance to appear onstage, in front of a massive audience, which is sure to enhance their confidence in greater pursuits. Winners carry home marvellous prizes, and the rest, memories of a day they will not forget.

Varun Murali, XII A Loyola School, Thiruvananthapuram