Some great movies

LEARNING THROUGH ANIMATION: The films were fun to watch.  


This was a festival with a difference.

Poopy, the 30-minute animation film which won the award for the best programme in the five to eight years category at the recently concluded All India Children's Educational Audio-Video Festival in Thiruvananthapuram tells the story of a puppy named Poopy who is always eager to learn about the world around him. The dog is a metaphorical representation of a curious child. The questions that Poopy asks are similar to those of a child who clears his doubts through observation and by asking questions. The animation video consists of nuggets of information, which Poopy picks up from his environment such as how a sparrow makes its nest, the characteristic features of cat, and climate changes. In addition to this, the video also has two folk songs and a musical."We can imbibe a lot of things from our environment," said K.S. Madhu, director of the film, and executive director, Hibiscus Design, the company involved in digital publishing for children. "What you tell and how you tell is very important. For instance, while making Poopy we had decided that there will not be any violence or cruelty in the film. This is a value system, which we have tried to incorporate in all our productions," he said. Poopy also bagged prizes for the best director, best editing and best graphic animation. A total of 10 video and two audio productions competed at the three-day festival. "Butterflies: the Angels of Nature", produced by the State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) was adjudged the best children's film of 2006. The film gives an introduction to the beautiful world of butterflies in the State. It explains the life stages of butterflies, peculiarities and different species of butterflies that can be seen only in the forests of the State. A brief discussion on the world of butterflies also shows the rich biodiversity of the State. The festival kicked off with the screening of "Inertia", a film on science directed by Sudha Sharma for secondary and senior secondary students by the Central Institute of Educational Technology. The programme explains and demonstrates the property of inertia with the help of simple experiments. Earlier, inaugurating the festival, the Minister for Education M.A. Baby said, "We should be bold and courageous in making innovations in the field of education. Though the State has made creditable achievement in general education, the quality of the education offered is still a concern."