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Discovering the magic of words...

Discovering the magic of words...  

Penguin Books India re-launched its Ladybird brand books by introducing Ladybird Favourite Tales series at The British Council, New Delhi, recently.

And interestingly, an addition of Indian stories of, say, Jataka and Panchtantra is also made in this internationally best selling series, for the first time. They are in English and are eight in number: Crab and the Crane, The Lion and the Hare, The Mice who Ate Iron, The Monkey and the Crocodile, The Lion and the Cave and Riki Tiki Tavi, The Doves and the Mole and the Crow and the Pitcher. Most of these are `read to me' tales with bright and colourful pictures and illustrations.

No, the books are not meant for older children. They are mostly meant for those who have just got admission to school. So you also have `Lift the Flap' books, `First Activity' ones, `I and Spy' colouring cooks and funny faces, monsters, first counting, and rhyming flap books. And there are others, as `Phonic Activity' books that teach introduction of letter sounds, simple three letters ending with same vowel or consonants or difficult vowel sounds and so on. In The Building Site children get to know how a man constructs a building, for this `Look and Tell' book has simple text, labelled pictures of all the tools that go into the making of a house. There are `Read it yourself', Mental Maths and Word Spotter books too. There are Puffin Books as well. The books cost not more than Rs.55 as an introduction price. These books are for sale at the British Council till September 29 from 11 a.m. till 8 p.m.

The Ladybird series will be translated in both Hindi and Tamil "within a year", says Thomas Abraham, part of the marketing team.

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