Quest for peace

It is up to you is spread the message of peace. Can you do it?


Quest for peace

It's only you and me who can achieve it — Initiate peace action! Form a peace study group of your friends. Now you are ready for action.

Whatever you do ensure it is based on the principles of peace.

Share your experience.

Rise above the mundane.

Organise peace meetings. Here is an idea from Peace Ideas, Philippines: Form a circle of peace with people who think alike and meditate and pray for personal and global peace.

Find a quiet place, breathe deeply and relax

Mentally link with each individual in your group by repeating their name and picturing the person. This will forge an energy.

Find the peaceful centre within yourself.

Visualise your circle of peace expanding until it covers the entire earth.

Dedicate your energies to the realisation of peace.

- Hidden Life, vibrant in every atom; - Hidden Light, shining in every creature; - Hidden Love, embracing all in oneness, May all who feel themselves as one with Tree Know they are therefore one with every other

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