Princess' jewellery

THE POLTIMORE TIARA: Created in 1870 and worn by Princess Margaret at her wedding.   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: AFP


An exhibition of Princess Margaret's jewellery, ahead of an auction at Christie's, drew crowds during a world tour through Moscow, Hong Kong, Geneva and New York. Apart from the jewellery, the items included art works and other personal items, which are expected to bring in several million dollars. The jewellery, which is expected to draw the maximum crowd, includes a necklace that she wore as a two-year-old (estimated price: $2,100 to $2,600); a diamond tiara worn during her wedding in 1960 (estimated price: $260,000 to $350,000); a diamond necklace, 34 diamonds with a total of 85 carats, worn by Queen Mary for King George VI's coronation and later gifted to the Princess (estimated price: $350,000 to $520,000); and a brooch of sapphires and diamonds to mark the princess' confirmation along with a handwritten note "from her loving Grannie". According to Reuters, Helen Molesworth, jewellery specialist at Christie's, expects the actual price to be much higher than the estimates "given the historical and sentimental interest" these will arouse. The sale is the result of the princess' children trying to offset the country's death taxes.