Patterns on earth

Name the colour... find it here.

Name the colour... find it here.  


The campus of Jeevana Schools wore a traditional and colourful look when the hands of the students moved in a particular rhythm to produce beautiful artwork on the floor.

The art of drawing designs called kolams is an ancient tradition.

It was also an innovative way of making women traditionally bound by chains of conventions to express their artistic inclinations. It not only reinforced their self-esteem but also lent charm to their homes. Those maavu kolams (using powdered rice) served the dual purpose of feeding the ants and other tiny creatures and making the entrance beautiful.

This traditional art form has started losing its charm, or rather people do not find time and space to draw kolams, thanks to apartment culture and a busy-bee life.

To sustain the importance of kolam and to revive the art form, the Jeevana Schools in Madurai organised "Kolam fest" for students recently.

Students under the able guidance of teachers put their heart and soul into exhibiting their talent in various hues and magnitudes by way of salt kolams, maavu kolams, flower kolams, spice kolams, navathania kolams, rangolis and husk kolams.

The intricate aesthetic kolams are a veritable feast to the eye. A few of the kolams had slogans on environmental preservation, which is the need of the hour.

Every person present that day was basking in the radiant splendour spread across the school campus.


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