One world, one family

Bonding over basketball: the participants of the match

Bonding over basketball: the participants of the match  

Bluebells School International claims to live up to the philosophy of "One planet, the Earth, One family, Mankind". The philosophy derived from Rabindranath Tagore saw itself materialising as the school organised an International Basketball Friendship Tournament recently. Apart from the host, other teams included students from the French, German and Russian Embassy Schools.

The Russian School won the Gold Medal and the host team was the runner-up. Ingrid Sievers, the teacher from the German School said "It is a nice experience for all of us. We should have more cultural interaction between the schools because it is through this way that we can get to know about the culture of other schools."

Focusing on the global friendship with its underlying philosophy that children are the best Ambassadors of goodwill, Geeta, the French teacher at Bluebells said:

"Since it is a friendly match, it does not matter whether they win or lose. The children are enjoying it."

While Suman Kumar, Principal Bluebells, said , "The whole concept of our school philosophy is based on the fact that the world is a family which nurtures the spirit of friendship and love. That's why apart from academics we also focus on meeting with international and intercultural processes by organising intra-school dance, art and music festivals." Sukhmani, a Std VIII student chuckles, "It's an experience to play with the international schools. It has exposed us to foreign culture which couldn't have been possible otherwise."

A Russian student Alyona also has made "many interesting friends" in Bluebells.

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