Motivating memory


For the last three years I have interacted especially with the teenagers from Woody Adventures, Bangalore. This summer I was off for a 7-day skiing course in Himachal Pradesh.

At Manali the jeeps were waiting for us and the chill in the air told us that it had snowed in the mountains.

At the Ice Land Hotel in Solang, our logistics team from the Himalayan Adventurers waited with our supplies.

The ski storeowner checked us for the exact size of our ski shoes and wrote our names on it.

On ponies we crossed the Beas stream. Shepherding and farming are the main occupations. Later we had a panoramic view of the Hanuman Tibba (5980 metres).

The initial ski class was on a basic slope. We had to slide down a slope. Later we did snow plough turns. We learnt to negotiate salmon gates.

We had a great time with the Himalayan wilderness our home for five days. When we fetel lonely or defeated, these memories will motivate us.

Nikita R Dubey, IX Prasiddhi School, Bangalore