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Education makes you successful: sound advice from Priyanka Chopra

Education makes you successful: sound advice from Priyanka Chopra  

Priyanka Chopra says, "Now I may seem like a sober girl who has never played a prank, but I have done my share of naughty deeds." With a hearty laugh, she says that she was "one of the naughtiest girls in my school."

"My father being in the Army, the atmosphere at home was quite regimented. But I would make up for it in my school. A favourite prank was to hoodwink the people at a restaurant and wangle some free food. Until the day I got caught and was shown the door forever," recalls this actress who has just won the Filmfare Viewers Choice Award for a negative role in the film Aitaaz. She has also worked in hit films like Andaaz.

But then, she was more than average in her studies. "I never got less than distinction in most subjects," she recalls. Her good academic records helped her to persuade her parents to go for the beauty contest. "They were sure that I would not take a decision that would take me nowhere," she says.

For those who want to go in for modelling, she has some ready tips. It is not only a world of glamour but of sheer hard work, lots of patience, regular workout and a sound education. These days, there is lot of competition among youngsters. So one should never jump into modelling without proper grooming.

"You can win over people by your looks. But education makes you stand out and so does humility. Never let success go to your head. Because success is transient too."

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