Meet the solar family

Try teaching tiny tots about the solar system through ballet, it's easier, it's fun.


Making students understand the formation of the solar system seems easy, but with students of Std. I and II, it's a different ball game altogether. The teachers of Delhi Public School, Noida did exactly that and went one step further. They made them perform it as a ballet in their annual function. Called "Solar Express," the event was marked by mass participation and thunderous applause from the audience.

The ballet showed how the Sun and the nine planets that constitute the Solar family came into being and how the five elements combined to bring life on earth. It highlighted the Earth's uniqueness in being a "living planet." From the compering to the vote of thanks everything was managed and performed by the students in the age group of five to seven.

The headmistress Reema Dewan conceptualised and scripted the ballet. However coping with the exuberance of the children and channelling it to an act was not an easy task.

As Biltu Sarkar, who has directed and choreographed the show recalls, "It was certainly not easy to make them first understand as to what they are doing then make them do it in an excellent way. But the fact that kids have unending reserves of energy helps."

The message of the performance was since the Earth is the only living planet, humankind should take care that in the unending quest for `more' it does not dig a grave for itself.

Well, many bigwigs have been trying to get this message across, may be this innocent effort will do the trick.

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