Meet Swami again

Nimi Kurian

Meet Swami again

Swaminathan is everybody's friend. He endears himself to the reader from the very beginning. "It was Monday morning. Swaminathan was reluctant to open his eyes. He considered Monday specially unpleasant in the calendar." Don't we all know that feeling?

Bringing back the magic of R. K. Narayan's evergreen favourite Swami and Friends, Penguin India has repacked the Malgudi Days as Malgudi Schooldays, The adventures of Swami and His Friends. The narrative has been divided into 25 chapters - with two more stories included (Father's help and A Hero).

Reading the adventures in Swami's life one is quickly transported to Malgudi and all its quiet charm. The innocence and the pranks of Swami and his friends, Rajam and Mani, is refreshing.

From the minute Swami wakes up in the morning till the minute his head touches the pillow Swami's life is full of action. For him there is no MTV, coke or computer games. It is clean outdoor fun. When he is not plotting to get a hoop from the coachman's son, or stoning the school windows in a fit of patriotic zeal, he is visiting his friend Rajam or forming the MCC - Malgudi Cricket Club, to be more specific, and to avoid litigation.

Meet Swami again

Attractive in its new cover design and illustrations by R.K.Laxman with its easier-to-read print and short chapters, children would find it difficult to resist.

Malgudi Schooldays, The Adventures of Swami and His Friends

A Puffin Original, Rs. 199

This book is different. Divided into 12 chapters, each chapter deals with a specific topic. Ranging from Early Civilisation to Medieval India to India after Independence, International politics, Religion and Mythology, Sports and Cinema, this book covers a whole range of topics. All questions are set in a multiple choice format. The answers appear at the end of each chapter and each answer elaborates on the subject dealt with, creating an interest in the reader.

An ideal infotainment tool, this book can be used not only in the classroom but also at home.

The Ultimate School Quiz Book,Ashoke Ganguly, Puffin,Rs. 150

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