Learning to remember things better

LEARN SMART: Making remembering things easier.   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: C. RATHEESH KUMAR


This is a dream come true for students. At last a method to remember all those details so well.

With so much to learn these days, what can teachers do to retain the attention of children inside classrooms? Interestingly, experts point out that having more to remember like a name and location rather than just a name can aid recall. The additional information serves as a retrieval cue and makes what got memorised easier to get back, they say. This associative feature of memory can be well augmented by technology. And that is precisely what the authorities of Nirmala Bhavan Higher Secondary School have striven for. They have introduced `Smart Class,' an innovative teaching method from this academic year onwards.

Better recall

As part of the programme, a computer and four monitors each would be provided to all classes right from standard I to standard XII in the school.According to Sr. Tresa Neenduckunnel, principal, the school has purchased 42 computers for all the 42 divisions in addition to 168 monitors for the purpose.The topics, which the teachers are taking in the class, will be displayed on the monitors to make them understand the subject clearly. With the click of a button, important topics such as photosynthesis, solar system and food chain, which are difficult to explain using a black board, could be displayed during each class and reviewed, and revised. For instance, when a Geography teacher explains a lesson dealing with volcanoes, a visual of the exploding volcano and molten lava would be displayed on the computer screen. The computer in each class will be connected to the server room named knowledge centre. The control of the computers will be with the knowledge centre. The teachers should inform the knowledge centre the topics they intend to cover during a week. A permanent resource person will be appointed at the knowledge centre. The idea of Smart Class is to look at how educational goals can be enabled and enhanced by integrating innovative technologies with learning environment, said D. Sreekumar, resource centre, co-ordinator. Educational slides for all the 13 subjects including Malayalam, English and Hindi are available on the computer. The concept helps to explain an idea to the students in limited time besides saving the time of teachers, he said. The project is implemented by Educomp Datamatics, a New Delhi-based company providing computer-based education in schools. The company will also offer the necessary technical assistance for the project for the next five years.