Gregorian Public School, Maradu


Gregorian Public School, Maradu, celebrated National Science Day recently.

The students put up a science exhibition with models and projects from various branches of science.

What caught the eye was the Mathematics City, with models of high-rise buildings, named after famous mathematicians.

Mathematics puzzles created from coins, wood and bangles were interesting.

The biology section provided a wealth of information on medicinal herbs and an ingenious plant-watering system.

Miniature volcanoes using potassium permanganate, chemical rainbows and electricity generated from citrus fruits were some of the other fascinating features. The Physics projects included among many other items a working model of a rocket-launch, inverters, electric trains, remote-controlled elevators, motorboats, grinders, burglar alarms and radio.

The exhibition came to a close with a science and mathematics quiz.

More than providing a complete learning process, the exhibition gave students ample opportunity to display their talent.


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