Green: the colour of harmony

Having green all around can be soothing for students in the school.


COMFORTING COLOUR: Parks are special because of the trees. Photo: Murali Kumar K.,

COMFORTING COLOUR: Parks are special because of the trees. Photo: Murali Kumar K.,  


Did you all know that even colours have healing powers and that our ancestors used colour therapy extensively? Colour therapy or chromo therapy is a method of treating diseases by using colour. It is a technique of restoring balance by means of applying coloured light to the body. It was a popular method of cure even in ancient times. The pioneer of modern colour therapy was Niels Finsen of Denmark.

Every substance in the earth contains colour. The rays of the sun contain, as we all know, seven different colours — violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (VIBGYOR). These are natural colours, which are highly beneficial for healing diseases.

Sri Vani Education Centre, Machohalli, regularly conducts activities for children to relate the green colour to the things they see in nature and their surroundings, be it plants, trees, birds, animals or the green designs in their attire.

Nature walk is an integral part of the activity. The children are regularly taken around the school campus, as it is known for greenery. Leaves with various shapes and shades of green are shown to them. The students are encouraged to bring a green vegetable dish for the break time.

Recently, the tiny tots of junior classes were taken around the school campus for a nature walk. They thoroughly enjoyed what they saw. The beauty of nature left them awestruck. Green is a beautiful colour, said Chalukya Bhat. "I saw a green frog and a crocodile in the pond," exclaimed Tushara. "Our mini forest is full of green trees," said Aditya.

The teachers also put some write-ups relevant to this topic. One such topic was, "The Healing Powers of Colours — Excerpts from Nature Cure by H.K. Bakhru". "We regularly conduct various activities on the concept of the colour green," said Karthiayani Bhat, Vice-principal of the school.

She also explained about the effect of the green colour on the body and its healing qualities. She said, "Green is made up of blue and yellow colours and it is regarded as the colour of harmony. It is a mild sedative. It is useful in the treatment of nervous conditions, hay fever, ulcers, influenza, malaria, colds and cancer. It preserves and strengthens eyesight. It is of great help in the treatment of inflammatory conditions."

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