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Greenpeace gives the harassed earth a voice. Listen to it.


CREATIVE CONFRONTATION: Protect the penguin: Photo: AP

CREATIVE CONFRONTATION: Protect the penguin: Photo: AP  

Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice.

And in this non-profit environmental organisation, with a presence in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, the planet does have an articulate voice that one isn't afraid to be eloquent about ecological atrocities happening the world over and exposing those involved. The interactive multimedia exhibition showcasing Greenpeace's 34 years of environmental campaigning, at the Chennai Alliance Fran�oise recently, proved to be a true tribute to this `green' spirited group.

Titled "The Story of Greenpeace", it was an evocative depiction of environmental hazards and anti-ecological activities in the world and a graphic education of lurking dangers.

Greenpeace activists wore penguin masks to demonstrate outside the Casa Rosada presidential palace in Buenos Aires on September 15 this year. Mimicking President Nestor Kirchner, who prides himself on being a "Patagonian penguin", demonstrators pleaded to stop a nature reserve in the northern province of Salta from being sold and deforested. This is their style of `creative confrontation', which involves going out there to put a stop to unacceptable ecological practices.

The Rainbow Warrior ship is a fine example of such activism on the high seas for marine life. says, "We have taken numerous corporate big-wigs like Shell, Monsanto, Dow Chemicals and Hewlett-Packard head-on, demanding greater corporate accountability." Not only companies but all of us are accountable to keep our environment pollution free."

You can become a cyber activist at

For the hands on type advises them to: share your understanding of the environmental issues with friends.

Talk to your parents and relatives and urge them to be kind to the environment.

Take simple steps like walking or cycling your way to the school, to a friend's place or to the local market. Use school buses instead of personal vehicles. You can even become a young Greenpeace ambassador and ask others to actively support campaigns.

The story of Greenpeace is a tale of scientific and innovative environmental activism whose impact will certainly be better appreciated by generations that will enjoy a cleaner world thanks to their efforts. Ultimately the message is clear — "Never be ashamed to speak and act. If you feel you cannot do it alone, get your friends, relatives, neighbour, anyone, start a club, write letters to your local political leader, speak for the planet and against the polluters."

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